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As a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), C.H. Whitehurst Solutions Delivers UV-C and LED Lighting and Design Solutions That Ensure Health and Safety As Well As Ideal Visibility for Commercial Buildings Throughout the Country.

Only when lighting is substandard do most people consider its overall effect. As members of Illuminating Engineering Society (the IES), C.H. Whitehurst considers its effect all the time, day in and day out, customizing LED solutions according to commercial clients’ specific needs! The recent global spread of COVID-19 has challenged folks to think anew about what it means to maintain a clean, optimized work environment. At C.H. Whitehurst Solutions LLC, we proudly install affordable, high-efficiency LED lighting, removing old, inefficient fluorescent lighting in the process. For health and safety, we also provide UV-C lighting systems. We have the capacity to provide UV-C lighting installation for school districts, high-end dental offices, doctor offices, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and health centers, among many other applications. 

How Do Business and Building Owners Ensure Greater Comfort, Health, and Safety As Well As Increased Productivity and the Most Flattering Lighting? Whether Your Main Concern Is Killing Viruses or Maintaining Ideal Visibility, C.H. Whitehurst Specializing in Delivering the Perfect Lighting Solutions for Your Specific Operations.

For our commercial LED customers, C.H. Whitehurst does more than provide affordable lighting solutions and aesthetic upgrades: our expert technicians consider the nature of your employees’ work as well as the exact placement of your LED units, optimizing for exact angle and location in equal parts. The end result is remarkable monthly savings in energy costs, in addition to a safer workspace and a worker and customer-friendly environment. For example, sometimes a client will require more light in an inspection area. To give you a sense of scope, C.H. Whitehurst has even partnered with project architects on lighting replacement for an industrial manufacturing facility of 300,000 square feet from the ground up, effectively saving the owner over $300, 000 in total costs! C.H. Whitehurst is here to ensure your office, commercial space, industrial facility, or health center is lit according to your specific operations. C.H. Whitehurst’s lighting products are more than an aesthetic upgrade: our LED lighting solutions will reduce your lighting energy costs by 50 to 70% compared to your old, outdated equipment. C.H. Whitehurst invites you to enjoy the benefits of ideal lighting and start saving money each month with a reduction in energy consumption.

Want to achieve a softer color to help a client feel more at ease in the recovery room? Need a warmer color to help relax a patient in the outpatient surgery office?  The particular color of light we use in schools actually serves to makes students’ minds sharper and has even been proven to raise test scores. Sometimes an area may be overlit (and has more light than it needs), as in the case of a storage area that sees little activity. In this case, you’ll want less lighting which will save you a considerable amount of money on utility bills. Whatever the case, business owners and leaders of organizations everywhere strive to exude a certain feel and energy in their workspace as they seek to accommodate customers and employees alike. To that end, C.H. Whitehurst’s LED lighting solutions play a vital role.

What is UV Lighting?

To be effective, UV-C lighting must have the correct exposure, which is referred to as “dosage.” UV-C is designed to remove all contaminants and it’s the only solution that deactivates all viruses, COVID-19, MRSA, CRE, and C-Diff included. C.H. Whitehurst Solutions LLC has an array of solutions and a range of products to combat air pollution, whether in your home or in your office. We work with commercial facilities throughout the U.S. and beyond, pinpointing sterilization, sanitation, and disinfection solutions that are customized to each building’s layout, design, and function. Stay safe with C.H. Whitehurst Solutions!

The Most Advanced Technology = Improved Quality of Life and a Healthy, Vibrant Office, Workplace, and Commercial Facility

C.H. Whitehurst partners with architects and engineers to provide the right amount of LED light in the right location—except we do so at more affordable rates than ever before. The effect is the right color, mood, and visibility to optimize the working conditions, helping owners achieve the results they strive for. C.H. Whitehurst features the best warranties in the industry: We not only warranty our product unconditionally, but our warranty also includes labor. For our LED solutions, we work with hundreds of manufacturers that produce thousands of products. Incidentally, one of our recent clients, a high-end dental lab, explained that the only way to get an accurate color match for tooth implants entailed walking clients outdoors. This dental lab’s professionals were convinced that natural light was the only way to determine an accurate match for a new tooth. C.H. Whitehurst effectively proved otherwise with highly customized LED solutions, much to the whole team’s appreciation!

What about UV-C lighting though? Filtering airborne particles, UV-C lighting uses a process to deactivate airborne toxins like pathogens and viruses. Ultraviolet light is the only answer to complete sterilization, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. Unsure of which is right for you? C.H. Whitehurst Solutions LLC is prepared to discuss the benefits of each. Our portable disinfecting tower allows for a versatile range of applications to kill pathogens and viruses in non-occupied facility areas with non-ionizing UV-C light. Our three main solutions include handheld, tower, and upper room UV-C units. 

Perfect for:

  • School Districts, Classrooms
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Hospitals, Patient Rooms
  • Medical Centers
  • Retail Plazas
  • Education Centers
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Sports Centers, Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Prisons
  • Hotels
  • Municipalities

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Are you concerned about air quality and optimizing your building with the right lighting? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are now affordable solutions. Invest in clean, healthy air with C.H. Whitehurst Solutions LLC. In addition to our line of UV-C solutions, we provide precise LED lighting solutions that deliver observable results in mood, setting, visibility, and atmosphere. As a certified staff LC, we partner with architects, engineers, and hundreds of lighting manufacturers to get results for dentist and doctors’ offices, churches, and manufacturing facilities, among many other commercial entities.

Central, SC 29630